Magickal jewelry

Magickal jewelry


Nice wooden pendant, cut, sanded and handmade engraved. Its name, "Aegishjalmur", means "helm of terror". Its symbol is a powerful protector in nordic traditions.


Sabbat bracelet made of carnelian and black obsidian beads separated by metal beads, especially selected to symbolize the Samhain Sabbat, 31th of october. This jewel is decorated with a little pumkin charm which evokes Halloween's celebration.


Pagan inspired jewelry which can be worn as a necklace or as a diadem. It is adorned with 3 moon crescents representing the wiccan triple moon (triple goddess) and small acrylic pendants.


Ritual prayer beads adorned with genuine gemstones beads representing the 4 moon phases (amethyst, onyx and howlite), surrounding a nice moon crescent charm.

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