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From €62.50


Silver plated brass necklace adorned with ivy branches, surrounding a wonderful labradorite cabochon. Sold with and adjustable clasp.

copy of "The Great Oak Tree" Necklace
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Brass and sterling silver plated necklace decorated with a nice floral stamping representing some oak leaves and acorns, surrounded by three assorted gemstone cabochons (please choose your gemstone in the scrolling menu). It is also decorated with a silver tone chain and an assorted clasp. 

"Fairy Dust" necklace
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From €62.50

Brass and silver plated elfic necklace, inspired by fantasy and enchanted legends. It is adorned with a wonderful labradorite drop cabochon with nice colors and is surrounded by two assorted cabochons, a silver tone chain and a clasp. 


Brass and silver plated necklace representing nice fantasy volutes surrounding a large gemstone cabochon (please choose your gemstone using the scrolling menu), as well as two ivy leaves stampings which produce a nice crystalline sound when the necklace is worn. 


Nice oxydized brass volutes pendant, adorned with a genuine labradorite faceted cabochon surrounded by brass stampings. Adjustable clasp.